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Survival of the Fittest’s Tia Latham says it’s “very intense” as she’s eliminated

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Tonight’s second episode of Survival of the Fittest seen the first elimination of the series, as the Boys won the first challenge.

Host Laura Whitmore entered ‘The Lodge’ during tonight’s show to reveal the results of the first public vote, announcing that Tia, Georgia and Mariam received the fewest votes.

The Irish presenter then turned to the Boys, telling them they would be choosing which one of the three girls would be crossing the bridge and leaving the competition.

After deliberating, the Boys chose to eliminate Tia.


Speaking about whether or not the current friendships will remain, Tia said: “I think as time goes by things will get a bit stirred up because it is all very intense.

“It’s a competition so you’ve got to stay focussed and not bother with anything else. Trying to remain focussed is hard, it’s brutal. It’s the name of the game.”

“I did take a bit of a liking to Warren. I thought he dropped a few hints to me and little compliments. There was definitely something there,” the model went on to reveal.


She continued: “Maybe if I’d been in there a bit longer, something might have blossomed but obviously I would have tried to stay focussed on being loyal to the Girls team.”

Survival of the Fittest continues tomorrow night on ITV2 and 3e in Ireland when Tia’s replacement will be revealed.

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