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Survival of the Fittest: Dani Mas Dyer’s replacement REVEALED

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ITV have confirmed who will be replacing Dani Mas Dyer after she was forced to withdraw from the competition due to injury.

Dani, 21, was competing in a challenge against Callum from the Boys team when she dislocated her shoulder, prompting medics on site to take her to hospital for a medical examination.

22-year-old farmer and waitress Lottie James will enter The Lodge as Dani’s replacement in tonight’s show, ITV have confirmed this morning.

The Wales native said she’s “most excited about challenging myself mentally and physically, doing something out of the ordinary that I never thought I could do.”


She added: “I can be a little bit sensitive but I am good at fighting off the sensitivity as well. I can be a bit nervous sometimes but when my personality shines and I get used to everyone, I’ll be fine.”

Survival of the Fittest sees single men and women battle it out in the South African savannah, in a bid to win the prize fund of £40,000. However, they can be eliminated and swapped at anytime, so nobody is safe.

The show continues nightly on ITV2 in the UK and 3e in Ireland.

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