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EXCLUSIVE: Dancing with the Stars’ Ryan McShane defends Anna Geary and says judges are ‘underscoring’

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Tonight’s Dancing with the Stars seen Anna Geary and Ryan McShane perform together for Switch-Up week.

While most viewers enjoyed their performance, judge Brian Redmond revealed Anna’s dancing wasn’t the best this week, saying it was “a bit too clipped”.

He said: “The biggest problem for you is that standard you’ve set so far. Not your best week, but not a bad week.”

Defending Anna, her partner for this week Ryan McShane bit back and said: “I think she’s been undermarked every single week. And that’s not even with me, that’s with Kai.”

There was tension between the pair as Brian didn’t take his comments lying down, replying: “That’s the thing about opinions… you know what they say about them…”

After the show, we spoke to Ryan about the comments from the judges and asked him if he believed they were underscoring some of the contestants.


“It was more reflective of the whole competition. I just feel that they are underscored to a certain extent. And, maybe they needed someone to turn around to them and say ‘it’s not going unnoticed’,” McShane told us.

Asked about whether or not his comments could get him sacked from the series like Strictly’s Brendan Cole, Shane said: “It’s like Brian said, everyone has an opinion. And we have three opinions that should be judging the dancing, not the concept, not the music, just the dancing.

“And I feel sometimes it is judged not just on the dancing, but unfortunately we don’t pick the music or the concept.”


Although Ryan and Anna were just dancing together for night only, he added: “I think Anna did a great job tonight. We’re doing Switch-Ups so the technique and the body shape and everything is off. Her arms are actually longer than mine so she’s not going to sit into frame properly.”

Dancing with the Stars continues next week on RTÉ One.

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