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Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother’s fate finally ‘revealed’

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With Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother’s current contract soon coming to an end, it’s fate has reportedly been ‘revealed’.

Speculation on the show’s future has been the hot topic of discussion among fans ever since a Daily Star article claimed that the show would be “consigned to the dustbin for good” when its contract ends.

Although Channel 5 wouldn’t directly comment at the time, they reaffirmed they would see this contract out, telling us: “Channel 5 are committed to a further series of Big Brother and of Celebrity Big Brother later this year.”

But now, the Daily Star – who first started the axe rumours – have ‘revealed’  the show won’t be axed after all.

“It costs a lot of time and money but I’m sure we’ll sort something out,” a source told the tabloid when asked about a new contract.

Channel 5 will reportedly try and strike a cheaper deal this time round because of declining ratings, with the source adding: “It totally makes sense why Channel 5 want it cheaper though. Lesser ratings mean lesser ad revenue.

“It brings in viewers, but it’s not a cheap show to make, especially as many of the shows on Channel 5 bring in similar audiences for a fraction of the cost.

“When BB is on there’s 600/700 crew who work on this behind the scenes, transmitting each day, filming 24/7, maintaining the house etc.”

Big Brother will return later this year for its 19th civilian series.

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