Fair City SPOILERS: Evil Dr. Oakley plans his revenge on Emmet & Miriam

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Last nights Fair City seen Dr Oakley make a return to Carrigstown after he escaped hospital where he was being detained.

Miriam and Emmet were on high alert when the police notified them about Oakley’s escape from custody, but reassured them he most likely fled the country.

Oakley drained all of his bank accounts, however, it was all ploy to trick the police into believing he had left Ireland.

The evil doctor made his return to Carrigstown in disguise in last nights episode, when he tricked Miriam into arriving at the Arcade. Miriam was unable to protect Emmet, when Oakley knocked him on conscious, revealing his plans to kill them both.


While Miriam pleads with Oakley to let Emmet go, it falls on def ears as he takes dark pleasures in pitting a terrified Emmet and Miriam in a fight for their lives.

Meanwhile, Debbie and Eoghan realise Emmet and Miriam have gone missing, but assume that Emmet has just ran away – will they figure it out and save them in time?

Fair City airs these scenes tonight at 8pm on RTÉ One.

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