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Rylan Clark-Neal finally has his say on Ann Widdecombe and Courtney Act on CBB

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With another series of Celebrity Big Brother now wrapped up, Rylan Clark-Neal has finally had his say on Ann Widdecombe’s viewers.

The 29-year-old presenter, who won Celebrity Big Brother 2013 following his X Factor appearance, has revealed he faced constant criticism during this years series.

Because he works on spin off show Bit on the Side, Rylan is forced to remain unbiased of housemates, and not reveal his own personal opinion on a particular housemate until the series ends.

However, viewers hit out at Rylan, claiming he was a “disgrace” to the gay community for not addressing or weighing in on Ann Widdecombe’s controversial views.

Twitter/ Rylan

He told ITV’s Loose Women today: “Every night on Twitter, all I got were all these people who were either Team Courtney or Team Ann Widdecombe.”

The star explained: “I’ve been called a disgrace to the gay community for not laying into Ann Widdecombe. But look. My thing is, if Ann Widdecombe had said or done anything homophobic, racist, or whatever in the house, she would have been pulled straight away from the house.

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“I don’t agree with Ann Widdecombe’s views, and I’d like to think in this day and age not a lot of people do agree with her views.”

He added that he treated Ann “like a housemate” because she didn’t enforce her views while taking part in the show.

Ann and Courtney/ Shane J were the final two housemates during last Friday’s finale – with Courtney/ Shane J crowned winner with 49% of the vote.

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