Fair City SPOILERS: Carol and Cathal team up as she gets her revenge on Robbie

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Tonight’s visit to Carrigstown sees Carol get revenge on Robbie for cheating on her with Aoife, when she teams up with gangster Cathal Spillane.

With Cathal amused by Carol and Robbie’s situation, especially as Carol feels isolated and alone, he offers her the chance to take Robbie down for good.

Initially refusing Cathal’s offer, Carol has her own revenge plan up her sleeve, which she tells to Jane.

But when she spots Robbie and Aoife together, having a moment, her anger towards the pair intensifies and grows even more.

Ditching her solo revenge plan, Carol tracks down Cathal and shares her plans with him, directing him to steal all the booze from The Station.


However, as Cathal and two henchmen enter the bar and start removing stock, Carol calls Robbie to come down quickly. What is she up to?

Fair City airs these scenes tonight (February 6) at 8pm on RTÉ One.

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