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Laura Whitmore teases “drama, excitement, rivalry and humour” for Survival of the Fittest

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Laura Whitmore’s brand new show Survival of the Fittest kicks off this Sunday night on ITV2, which will see Boys and Girls pitted against each other.

Teasing the series, which is created by the makers of Love Island, Laura said: “You can expect drama, excitement, rivalry and humour… and hopefully a bit of romance as they are all single!”

The former I’m A Celebrity presenter went on: “It’s a brand new format and there hasn’t been a show quite like this on TV. It is the perfect time of year for the show to be on because we are set under the South African sun in the savannah, so while it’s miserable weather in the UK, you can watch some lovely people in some glorious surroundings.

“The really interesting thing is the battle of the sexes element – we are going to challenge and pit our contestants against each other in two teams, Boys and Girls. The contestants are all single so could they be distracted along the way?”


Survival of the Fittest sees a team of Boys and a team of Girls go head-to-head to find out which sex will come out on top. The aim of the game is to stay on your team until the end to be in with a chance of winning a share of £40k.

The teams will compete in physical and mental challenges while the public will help to decide who gets replaced by a new team member. There’s everything to play for, but as all the contestants are single, loyalties will be put to the test in the ultimate battle of the sexes.

“I’m excited to see the relationships between people – not just Boys and Girls romantically but within the sisterhood… and will we see bromances? I’m really looking forward to seeing these relationships develop and in turn, see how that affects the competition,” Whitmore added.

Survival of the Fittest launches this Sunday night (February 11) from 9pm on ITV2 in the UK and 3e in the Republic of Ireland.

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