Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Who wins Celebrity Big Brother? You decide! Vote in our online poll

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The day has finally arrived where Celebrity Big Brother crowns its next winner, but who will take the title of champion?

After spending 32 days locked away in the Elstree bungalow, the housemates will finally return to the real world after having a roller coaster month, filled with highs and lows.

The Year Of The Woman started with just women, discussing controversial and important topics, while breaking down and rubbishing gender stereotypes when the men entered.

Although it’s been like a school lesson at times, Celebrity Big Brother has continued to provide us with entertainment and shocking moments.

Between Shane J/ Courtney’s dress going completely south on launch night, Daniel O’Reilly proposing to his girlfriend, to *actual* Ann Widdecombe getting into the swimming pool (clothed, of course), it’s been one hell of a ride!

But it all comes to an end tonight when you crown either Shane J/ Courtney, Jess, Wayne, Shane L or Ann Widdecombe your winner.

Who Wins? You Decide!

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