Fair City SPOILERS: Robbie shocks himself and KISSES Aoife again – will Carol find out?

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Last nights visit to Carrigstown seen Aoife return, with Robbie issuing a strong warning to Nora not to breathe a word to Carol. 

However, in tonight’s episode, Carol finding out Aoife is back is the least of Robbie’s worries when he kisses her, shocking himself in the process.

It comes after Carol refuses to let him take Jack to school, with Nora telling him not to lie to himself if he still has feelings for Aoife.

After the kiss, Robbie is left annoyed, realising that he only loves Carol and wants his family back. He chooses not to tell her about what happened earlier with Aoife.


However, as the they try and work on their marriage, things erupt between Carol and Robbie when he can’t find the right thing to say and a furious Carol throws a plate at him.

Elsewhere, Eoghan is shocked when Emmet reveals Oakley has been threatening him. Oakley blackmails McSweeney when she suggests he plead insanity.

Debbie is worried that Emmet and Miriam are only provoking Oakley. McSweeney is left uneasy when Oakley promises he won’t serve a day of his sentence. The O’Brien’s are shocked to hear Oakley has tried to kill himself.

Fair City airs tonight from 8pm on RTÉ One.

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