Fair City SPOILERS: Aoife leaves Dublin and Carol walks out on Robbie – is this the end?

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After learning that Robbie slept with Aoife, Carol has been left seething – but it seems her relationship with Robbie may be over for good.

Last nights episode seen Aoife try and talk to a devastated Carol, but it didn’t go as well as she hoped when they ended up in hospital after Carol fell while lunging at Aoife.

Tonight’s visit to Carrigstown sees Carol give Aoife her marching orders, while Robbie gets emotional as she leaves Dublin for good – with daughter Karen staying behind.


Taking advice from Nora, Robbie pleads with Carol to give him another chance and save their marriage, but she refuses to be second best.

With her world in tatters, Carol packs her bags and leaves the house with Jack.

Can Robbie and Carol save their marriage, or is it all over for good? RTÉ airs these scenes tonight (January 24) from 8pm.

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