Red Rock SPOILERS: Could Donna’s killer be closer to home than previously thought?

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Red Rock finally makes its return to TV3 Ireland this Monday (January 22), and it looks set to be an explosive series.

In Monday night’s episodes we see that the shocking departure of Sharon has thrown poor Paudge through a loop, struggling to care about his work without his best friend by his side. There’s nothing anyone can do to cheer him up now that she’s going for good.

A grieving Aoife Burke arrives at the station, furious following Ash and Paudge’s failure to inform her of the discovery of her mother’s body. Aoife has been sleeping rough for many weeks and is reluctant to return home to live with her mother’s seemingly aggressive ex-partner, Tony Doyle. Taking pity on the teen, a sympathetic Paudge tries to help her find somewhere safe to stay.


Dunne receives the final autopsy report on Donna Burke but is no closer to finding the killer. After a potential lead in Donna Burke’s murder case is proved innocent, Dunne’s suspicions grow – could the murderer be closer to home than he realises?

Terrified for his life, Keith has been ignoring calls from Mick Moran. It’s only a matter of time before Mick’s new girlfriend Alice exposes Keith for having beaten her up. There’s no saying what Mick could possibly do to him if he finds out. Tired of living in fear, Keith confronts Alice Bruton to find out what she wants from him.

Red Rock returns to TV3 tomorrow night, Monday 22nd January at 9pm.

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