Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Here’s why Ann Widdecombe was carrying around her handbag on Celebrity Big Brother

Big Brother fans noticed that Ann Widdecombe was carrying her handbag around the house during last nights show.

It’s now been ‘revealed’ why the former MP was carrying her handbag around, and more importantly, what was inside of it.

According to the Mirror, a telly insider has said that Ann keeps her makeup and tissues in her handbag, so that they’re easily accessible whenever she needs them.

In last nights show fans saw Ann receive a makeover from Made In Chelsea’s Ashley James and Keeping Up With The Kardashians Malika Haqq.

It has also been revealed that Ann is continuing to write her weekly Daily Express column from inside the Big Brother house, but Channel 5 have told The Bite she won’t have access to the internet or information from the outside world.

A spokesperson confirmed: “Ann doesn’t leave the house or discuss anything relating to the outside world to continue her work commitments.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5.

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