Fair City actress Amy O’Dwyer talks Dr. Oakley killing her character Hannah Mark

Fair City actress Amy O’Dwyer has bowed out of the RTÉ soap after her character Hannah Mark was murdered during last nights show.

With Miriam, Hannah and the entire group being held hostage, it wasn’t going to end well for them all, and last nights dramatic episode (January 10) seen Hannah fall victim to evil Dr. Oakley.

As Hannah attempted to run upstairs and see to a distressed baby Saoirse, Dr. Oakley grabbed her and pulled her back down the stairs, resulting in Hannah falling and snapping her neck.

On what it was like filming Hannah’s final scenes, Amy said: “I was excited as an actor to be going out in a dramatic way and looking forward to seeing how we were going to film it, but also sad for the character who ultimately is a victim in someone else’s battle.

“Hannah has been vulnerable from day one but I’m glad she gets a chance to prove her strength  when she tries to save baby Saoirse.”


Amy revealed that her most memorable moment from “the group” storyline was Miriam’s manipulation and power over Hannah, which ultimately led to her breakdown on screen.

Although Amy has left Carrigstown, she will still be watching to see if Dr. Oakley is brought to justice, saying: “I have to make sure that my death will be avenged, and that those responsible will be brought to justice! Poor Hannah.”

Fair City continues on RTÉ One.

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