EastEnders: Has Mick Carter been fatally shot as the heist fails?

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Tonight’s hour-long episode of EastEnders left viewers on the edge of their seats as it appears that pub landlord Mick Carter was shot during the heist.

Although Mick was held up from being in position for the robbery because of his mum Shirley locking him in the cellar, he escaped and the first part of the job went smoothly.

With Keanu Taylor and Mick successfully impersonating builders and making the men in the van take a diversion towards Walford, it seemed like the heist could actually work.

As the van pulled up outside of The Arches, Vincent, Phil, Keanu and Mick all put on their balaclavas and held up the men in the van with their fake guns.


However, things went terribly wrong when Mick and Keanu went to the back of the van and two armed men burst out.

And it seems Mick knew one of them, as he said “it’s you!” before a gun shot was heard, with Mick appearing to fall backwards and Linda letting out a deafening scream watching the event.

The question is, has Mick been shot, and if so, will he be OK? EastEnders continues on BBC One.

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