EastEnders spoilers: The launderette is reopening!

It’s been revealed that EastEnders are bringing back the launderette, after it was closed down months ago.

Fans will remember the launderette was closed down by owner Mr Papadopoulos Jnr, which left Dot Branning jobless and having to bid farewell to the iconic Walford spot.

But after much consideration the launderette will be back open for business soon, and Karen Taylor could be behind the counter.

After months of being penniless and getting into serious debt, things may be looking up for the Taylor’s when Karen decides to apply for a job at the launderette.

Karen shows up to her interview with Mr Papadopoulos Jnr and things get off to a rocky start when she insults him. However, she manages to turn it around and leaves thinking she has the job in the bag.


Karen is left disheartened when she learns that the launderette is still holding interviews, and when the job is offered to someone else, she becomes determined to prove herself.

Her luck appears to change when the launderette manager offers to give both Karen and her rival candidate a trial to see who best suits the position.

With good news coming out of Walford about the reopening of the launderette, will this mean good news for Karen and her family?

EastEnders continues on BBC One.

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