Emma Willis is VERY happy that Jennifer Hudson is back on The Voice UK!

The Voice UK host Emma Willis has revealed she was very excited when she found out Jennifer Hudson would be returning for another series.

Emma, 41, returns in January to present the ITV singing competition, and has admitted she was delighted to hear that Jennifer signed back up for the series.

There had been speculation that Jennifer would not be returning to the UK edition of the show after signing up for the American version.

However, she is back and Emma Willis is very happy, saying: “She was that good with us the Americans wanted her too! I am so pleased she is back, I love her to death. I’m really pleased she is here.”


On being quizzed about what keeps bringing her back to presenting The Voice, Emma said it’s the unpredictable talent that keeps her on stage.

“I love the talent that we get on this show because I don’t think it is predictable,” Emma revealed.

She continued: “The show is so warm and it is something your whole family can watch at the weekend and it celebrates the best of what we can find that year. What is not to like about it? I love seeing people achieve what they want to achieve. I get excited and carried away.”

The Voice UK returns to ITV on Saturday, January 6 at 8pm.

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