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The most complained about TV show of 2017 has been REVEALED!

It’s been revealed that ITV breakfast series Good Morning Britain has topped the list of the most complained about shows of 2017.

Presented by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, the breakfast show reports on the days most relevant stories, as well as hosting fiery debates and discussion.

The show secured its title for the most complained about show after a “gay cure therapist” appeared on the show back in September, when he claimed that homosexuality is “reversible”.

GMB received backlash for giving Dr. Michael Davidson a platform to speak, and were forced to tweet at the time: “Our item with a doctor who claims to ‘cure’ gay people caused controversy yesterday. Should offensive views not be aired even if challenged?”

Sky News placed second on the chart, after journalist Melanie Phillips made inflammatory comments about Islam, during a Press Preview program, which sparked outrage.

The top 10 shows complained about in 2017 (correct up until December 20) are as follows:

  1. Good Morning Britain, ITV – 1,142 complaints
  2. Press Preview, Sky News – 1,063 complaints
  3. Britain’s Got Talent, ITV – 665 complaints
  4. Coronation Street, ITV – 541 complaints
  5. Comic Relief 2017, BBC – 339 complaints
  6. Emmerdale, ITV – 275 complaints
  7. I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! ITV – 243 complaints
  8. This Morning, ITV – 181 complaints
  9. Good Morning Britain, ITV – [20 June] 176 complaints
  10. Benidorm, ITV – 137 complaints
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