Hollyoaks reveal Cleo McQueen will develop and suffer from bulimia in new storyline

Hollyoaks have revealed a brand new storyline for actress Nadine Mulkerrin, who plays Cleo McQueen in the Channel 4 soap.

Nadine will be taking on a challenging and complex story, as her alter ego Cleo develops bulimia – a condition 1.25 million men and women in the UK suffer from, according to Beat.

Cleo’s struggled ever since her relationship with Joel ended, and over the New Year as she is ready to get back with him, she’s left upset and alone when he gets with someone else.

As she feels isolated and more like an outsider, Cleo struggles and starts to binge on food, while also starting to purge.

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Explaining Cleo’s dark times, Nadine said: “I’m honoured to take on Cleo’s latest issue lead storyline. We’re working closely with Beat and I met a brave young woman who shared her own experiences with bulimia.

“I’ve also been doing my own research about bulimia in order to portray it accurately and responsibly. ‘Cleo’s bulimia is triggered by feeling like an outsider and it’s her way of regaining control when she’s struggling to cope. I really want to do the storyline justice and tell a powerful story to educate people about eating disorders.”

Beat – a charity that tackles the issue and helps sufferers – said: “We are aware media can play a big part in how eating disorders are perceived, influencing attitudes, beliefs and actions. For this reason we support Hollyoaks as the more we talk about these serious mental illnesses the better we can break down stigma and, in turn, encourage individuals to seek treatment as soon as possible.

“The evidence is clear: treating people with eating disorders quickly gives the best possible chance of recovery. This is as true for adults as it is for children.”

Hollyoaks begins to explore Cleo’s bulimia from Thursday, December 28 on E4 at 7pm.

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