EastEnders’ Jo Joyner lifts the lid on Tanya’s return to Walford

Jo Joyner reprised her alter ego Tanya Branning during last nights Christmas special of EastEnders, where she was inevitably the one to take down Max.

Tanya had turned up on Ian’s doorstep, ready to take Lauren and Abi out of Walford for good. But she was less than impressed when Lauren changed her mind about leaving, worried about Max’s health.

After Tanya crashed Stacey’s Christmas Day by showing up to take Abi away, she also dropped the huge bombshell that Max had killed Steven Beale – and attempted to kill Jane, too.


As Tanya and the girls headed for the car with their suitcases, leaving Walford and their dad for good, Abi spotted Max on the roof of the Queen Vic.


However, tragedy struck when Lauren and Abi both fell off the roof while trying to convince Max to get off the ledge, with Tanya and Stacey both watching in horror as the girls fell lifelessly to the ground.

With Lauren and Abi’s faith hanging in the balance, Tanya won’t be sticking around permanently anyway – with Jo confirming she’s not back for good.

The actress tweeted: “Merry Christmas to all! Judging by my timeline it was worth all the Saturdays in the rain. Thanks for all the love guys. It’s only a visit but stay with us….. are my girls alright?”

Will Lauren and Abi survive? EastEnders continues tonight from 7:30pm on BBC One.

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