Kat, Jean and Mo are returning to EastEnders – but where’s Alfie?

EastEnders has confirmed that Kat Moon will return to Walford in 2018, along with Jean Slater and Mo – without Alfie Moon.

Kat was last seen in spin off show Redwater, which seen her set off with husband Alfie and their son Tommy for a small Irish village in search of her long lost son.

The series ended with Kat finding out who her son was – but her life was left hanging in the balance as she fell into the water when her unhinged son – who happens to be a murder – brought her out to sea.

It’s unclear whether or not Alfie Moon is alive, after he faced a major procedure when doctors were left with no option but to operate on his brain tumor.

Thankfully Kat survives her ordeal, with the BBC soap confirming she will return to Walford next year with Jean Slater and Mo.


“I am thrilled to be returning to EastEnders next year and knowing what John Yorke has in store for the Slater’s is incredibly exciting. I love Kat and Walford dearly and I cannot wait to get started – watch out Walford, Kat’s coming home,” Jessie Wallace teased.

Meanwhile, new Producer John Yorke said: “The Slaters are one of the all-time great families in EastEnders and Albert Square has never felt quite the same since they scattered to different ends of the country, and in some cases beyond.

“It has been a real joy to find a way to bring them back together and we’re incredibly excited about where we are taking them next. It won’t just be familiar Slaters either as there are a couple of twists and characters to add fresh spice to an iconic creation.”

All three of the women will be back in 2018. For now though, EastEnders continues on BBC One.

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