Coronation Street spoilers: Phelan to be taken down by Faye after she sees the real him?

Pat Phelan’s reign of terror may be about to come to an end, after Faye Windass finally sees him for what he really is.

Faye’s mum Anna (who is currently in jail thanks to Phelan) is admitted to hospital after collapsing. But she seizes the opportunity to escape, going on the run.

With Phelan unable to appear anymore smug at the news, Faye finally realises that her mum and Gary were right all along when she quizzes Pat on what actually happened between him and her mum.

After escaping police custody, Anna finds herself close to Weatherfield – but with her so close to home and with Phelan determined to see her sent down – is she making a wise move?

Speaking to Digital Spy, Debbie Rush revealed: “When you see Anna on the run, I think she just feels like ultimately Pat Phelan has won. I think you see a woman full of desperation, who thinks she has nothing else left in the world. It’s fight or flight.

“The one thing that does happen at the start of this is that Faye is really good and really helps out. There’s also help from some surprising members of the community that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to come forward and help her.”

Coronation Street continues on ITV.


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