I’m A Celebrity’s Dennis Wise reveals why he is sure Iain Lee is playing a game

With Dennis Wise now out of the jungle two days, he’s had time to watch back some of the series. But he’s sure producers didn’t air THIS comment Iain Lee made…

Viewers had been accusing Ex-England football player Dennis Wise of ‘bullying’ Iain in camp, but Dennis denies the allegation, and says they’re actually good friends.

However, he did say that he is adamant that radio presenter Iain Lee is playing a game after he apparently said that strawberry-gate would “make great TV”.

Dennis appeared on last nights I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp and revealed the comment was not aired, and insisted social media has got “carried away” over his treatment of Iain.

He told Scarlett Moffatt: “The thing about it, it is a game for starters and I think when Iain came back from strawberry gate he turned round and said ‘this will make really good TV’.

“Now that wasn’t played. As soon as he said that I thought ‘ok I get the game’. That’s when it kind of clicks in that that’s the case and so therefore you just kind of go ‘ok’, but to me it wasn’t a game.

“Well, it was a game, but it was about getting the food and about getting the stars. You guys have all been there, you know how hungry…”

ITV also denied claims that bullying has taken place in camp, saying in a short statement: “The welfare of all our celebrities is of utmost importance and we’ve not witnessed nor had any complaints of bullying from any of them.”

I’m A Celebrity continues on ITV.

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