Martin Kemp is NOT happy with Declan Donnelly over his “small man” gags towards Dennis Wise

Former EastEnders actor Martin Kemp has hit out at Declan Donnelly for his light-hearted jokes about Dennis Wise’s height.

The I’m A Celebrity presenter was called out on live TV today (December 8) by Martin over his jokes towards the Ex-England football player.

Dec is only 5ft6′ himself, which made the gags so funny in the first place but Martin was less than impressed with them.

He was a panelist on today’s special of Loose Women & Men alongside Harry Judd, Robbie Savage and Jordan Banjo who were discussing bullying.


Martin said: “I have a problem, I know we were joking about what Dec said about Dennis being a ‘very small man’.

“When that translates into schools playgrounds some kids are going to suffer. And I didn’t quite enjoy that I have to say.”

Meanwhile, ITV have already had to dismiss claims that TV and radio presenter Iain Lee was being bullied in the jungle by Dennis Wise.

“The welfare of all our celebrities is of utmost importance and we’ve not witnessed nor had any complaints of bullying from any of them,” they said.

I’m A Celebrity continues on ITV.

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