X Factor’s Grace Davies opens up about her relationship with Sharon Osbourne

X Factor finalist Grace Davies has opened up about her relationship with mentor Sharon Osbourne on the show.

Grace, 20, has revealed she has a close relationship with Sharon Obsourne, even saying that Sharon calls her in the middle of the night if she wants to chat.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Grace said: “I’m absolutely staying in contact with Sharon.

“I have a real connection with her. She said to me the other day, ‘I feel like your mum. I talk to you the same way I talk to my children.

“We have really similar personalities and we really do get on. The other night she texted me at 2am and she was like ‘You awake? Feel like a chat. I was like, ‘No Sharon.’ But she’s just great and she’s been a massive support system.”


Grace continued to say that Sharon has helped her deal with the bad press she has been getting throughout the series.

“Nothing prepares you for being in the public eye. I lost myself for a couple of weeks, its difficult to geo into it all, but then you get used to it and you learn and you move on.

“Sharon’s been incredible, she’s been there and had the press and dealt with it. She’s like, ‘People move on, babes’.”

The X Factor concludes this weekend when either Grace Davies, Kevin Davy White or Rak-Su will win this years competition and that all important record deal.

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