I’m A Celebrity SPOILERS! Here’s who is IMMUNE from the first public vote off

Tonight’s I’m A Celebrity will see the first vote off of the series take place. But who is immune from the vote?

Toff and Amir have been the founding members of Fright Club and have moved to Snake Rock, while they earn their fellow campmates immunity from the first vote.

They’ve had to choose two more celebrities to join the exclusive club, which is Dennis and Vanessa – but they remained in camp and continued their mission undercover.

Jamie was also let in on the secret, after Amir and Toff decided to pick him. Jamie was responsible for winning the next immunity key during the Bushtucker trial with Becky – but was under strict orders that she was not to be told.

However, Jamie failed to grab the immunity key. Becky was sent back to the main camp while Jamie was told to go to Snake Rock.

Although Toff and Amir were disappointed to see Jamie arrive with no key, the three of them were set one final task in order to save one more campmate from elimination.

After winning the final task and unlocking another portrait, Iain Lee, Amir Khan and Dennis Wise are all safe from the first public vote off.

I’m A Celebrity continues on ITV.

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