EastEnders star Lisa Hammond reveals “being mouthy” launched her career

EastEnders actress Lisa Hammond has revealed that her acting career begun because she was “being mouthy as usual”.

Lisa, who plays sassy Donna Yates on the BBC One soap, has revealed that she launched her acting career years ago being just that.

The actress was speaking to The Islington Gazette about how she ended up in the business, when she said she “fell into acting”.

Looking back to the ’90s, Lisa said:  “Scriptwriters… were visiting in a search for disabled characters. I was being mouthy as usual, but they asked me to audition and that accident is what launched my career.”

Adding that she “fell into acting”, the actress said: “Everyone always says to me, ‘Ah, you must have gone through [Islington drama school] Anna Scher Theatre.’

“I have to say… I didn’t! I had no intention of being an actor. I wanted to be a lawyer.”

So basically, if Lisa wasn’t being mouthy then we wouldn’t have the great character that his Donna Yates on our screens, who is also mouthy!

EastEnders continues on BBC One.

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