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Loose Women plunged into darkness after technical issue with studio lights

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Loose Women were today left in complete darkness live on air after a technical issue meant that the studio lights went out.

During this afternoon’s show (November 30), the panelists were nothing but silhouettes as the studio lights suddenly went out, plunging the entire set into darkness.

Just before the awkward technical problem, the Loose Women were talking to former Emmerdale actress Lorraine Chase.

While the crew rushed around behind the scenes to fix the lights, the women laughed it off and made shadow puppets, as you do.

Panelist Ayda even joked that her husband Robbie Williams had caused the lights to go out, saying: “You know what, he’s so hot and talented that he shut the lights off.”

Luckily the lights came back on, moments after they went out and the show continued as scheduled.

Loose Women airs weekdays on ITV from 12:30pm.

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