Jessie Wallace reveals EastEnders spin off ‘Redwater’ WON’T return

It seems like EastEnders have axed their spin off show ‘Redwater’ after just one series, according to actress Jessie Wallace.

The spin off, which was set in Ireland, followed Kat and Alfie Moon as she searched for her long-lost son, who she was made give away after just giving birth to him.

The series seen Kat find her son, but it ended a major cliffhanger, which left viewers fearing for Kat and Alfie’s safety after Alfie went in to surgery for his brain tumor and Kat was thrown out of a boat into the sea by her murderous son.

And it seems we won’t be finding out anytime soon if Kat and Alfie survive their ordeals as Jessie Wallace has revealed the series isn’t likely to return.


Asked on this morning’s Lorraine as to whether the would be any more Redwater, Wallace said: “I don’t think there will be another series.”

Jessie also shockingly revealed that even she doesn’t know what happened next to the characters – and if they’re alive or dead…

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