People have complained to Ofcom over Noel Fielding hiding in a fridge on Bake Off this week

The Great British Bake Off has made headlines this week over presenter Noel Fielding – who hid in a fridge.

Some viewers who tuned into the recent helping of Bake Off last Tuesday night have been left furious over Noel Fielding jokingly hiding in a fridge.

And now Channel 4 may be facing a probe from TV regulator Ofcom after viewers made official complaints to the watchdog.

Ofcom have confirmed that 24 people made complaints to them after the episode aired, and they are considering whether to launch an investigation.

One outraged viewer wrote on Twitter: “Great British Bake Off – Noel Fielding hiding and being shut in a fridge by Sandi Toksvig. Great message to all the kids watching.”

While another said: “My daughter loves to watch Bake Off. I’ve just had to explain why she should never climb in a fridge. Can’t believe it got aired!”

Great British Bake Off continues next Tuesday on Channel 4.

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