EastEnders: Will Kush DIE following his heart attack?

Last nights episode of EastEnders seen more shocking scenes unfold as Kush Kazemi collapsed in the Square after suffering a heart attack.

Fans see Kush and his older girlfriend Denise Fox argue, before he collapsed on Bridge Street, after suffering a heart attack.

Sonia – who is a trained nurse – started performing CPR on Kush, while Denise’s sister Kim ran to fetch the nearest defibrillator from the Minute Mart.

However, fans have been left wondering whether this will be the end for Kush Kazemi – especially because the man behind his character, Davood Ghadami, is taking part in Strictly Come Dancing.

“I won’t be taking a break, but hopefully it’ll be a bit quieter storyline-wise. EastEnders stars have been able to juggle both so I’m hoping to follow in their footsteps,” Davood told Radio Times.

So it seems certain that Kush will survive his ordeal, but for now he’s in a critical conditions and things may not be the same again…

EastEnders continues Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One.


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