WATCH X Factor judges & Dermot take on the attractions at Thorpe Park

X Factor continues again this weekend, and viewers will be treated to a day out at Thorpe Park as the judges look for talented stars.

Although the judges are in Thorpe Park for auditions, it would be a bit of a shame if they didn’t take on some of the attractions, wouldn’t it?

Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Louis Walsh & Dermot O’Leary board the water ride Tidal Wave, wearing ponchos ready for the oncoming splash. Simon tells Louis: “You look like a bird!”

As they ascend, Nicole is ready with her hands in the air, while Simon is a little more weary and says, “Why did we agree to this?”

Screaming on their way down to the splash, the judges, including a terrified Louis, and Dermot duck for cover as they are covered by the wave.

Stepping off the ride, the judges are drenched head to toe, but confirming his thrill for the ride, Dermot says “How awesome was that?”

The X Factor continues on ITV, Saturday & Sunday at 8pm

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