X Factor 2017 finale CONFIRMED and it’s very early this year…

ITV have confirmed when the final of The X Factor 2017 is, and it’ll be one of the shortest series in a long time.

When we say ITV have confirmed the finale date, we really mean that they let slip when it actually is, thanks to this years competition details.

According to the competition the show is running, the final will be on Saturday December 2, a big change considering the show usually airs until 2 weeks before Christmas.

We have still got a long way to go until the finale, considering this years show only just kicked off last weekend, seeing Louis, Nicole, Sharon and Simon all back behind the judging table.

This years series will see a few changes, with the live shows being cut down to the  the much-maligned jukebox had been ditched.

For now, The X Factor continues this weekend on ITV.

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