EastEnders spoilers: Is Jane DEAD and who has Ted Murray SHOT?

EastEnders aired some dramatic scenes last night, with two Walford residents’ lives hanging in the balance as the credits rolled.

Following the gas explosion, which seen numerous residents receive injuries – Stacey and Phil both survived with just minor injuries – so which resident won’t?

Last night seen Max’s hold over vulnerable Steven intensify as he ordered him to kill Jane – threatening him that it’s either him or Jane.

Steven used booze from the restaurant to act as an accelerant to the fire he started around Jane, who was lying on the floor in pain after he took her crutches.

Meanwhile, viewers seen Ted Murray fret as he thought the gas explosion would result in burglars returning to his home, with his wife Joyce trying her best to calm him down.

Ted was waving a gun around his flat when he seen a shadow outside his backdoor, before shooting through the glass.

Recent pictures have seen Johnny Carter fight for his life on a stretcher as his mum Linda comforts him, and with Johnny leaving the Vic last night to check on Ted and Joyce – will he be the Walford resident to lose his life?

You’ll have to tune in to EastEnders on Thursday from 7:30pm on BBC One.

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