The Great British Bake Off: Week Two – Biscuit Week!

Tonight it was week two of The Great British Bake Off and the bakers’ latest challenge was a battle with biscuits.

The start of Biscuit Week saw the arrival of the Signature Challenge, where the eleven remaining contestants had to make twenty-four sandwich biscuits, which should all be precisely the same size and have a delicious filling – whilst ensuring that the centre wouldn’t run.

This week’s Technical Challenge was set by Paul, who was expecting twelve perfect fortune cookies: six almond flavoured and six orange patterned. The pressure was high, but despite this Yan triumphed, with Chris ending the challenge in last place.

The Showstopper Challenge was a Bake Off first; to create a biscuit board game. It had to be at least 40cm in diameter and have eight elements. As if the bakers didn’t have enough on their plates, they also had to ensure that they could play their board games, as well as eat them.

At the end of Biscuit Week, Steven was crowned Star Baker for the second week in a row, whilst Chris crumbled and became the second baker to leave the tent.

The Great British Bake Off returns next Tuesday at 8pm on Channel Four for Bread Week.

Chris joins Jo Brand on ‘An Extra Slice’ for all of the latest gossip from the tent, on Thursday at 10pm on Channel Four.

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