EastEnders: Walford is rocked by a huge gas explosion TONIGHT

Walford certainly may not be the same again after a massive gas explosion rips through the Square, leaving one resident dead and others with life threatening injuries.

Tonight’s EastEnders in definitely not to be missed when residents are left in complete dismay when a gas main bursts, killing off a major character.

But before the explosion takes place, Steven desperately turns to Max for advice, as Jane keeps putting the pieces of the puzzle together over his brain tumor.

Steven is then forced to confirm Max’s involvement in his deception. This leads to Jane confronting Max at the restaurant and warning him that she knows about his revenge plan.

Soon after the explosion takes place, one character will meet their fate and be dramatically killed off, while numerous other residents will be left seriously injured.

EastEnders airs these scenes tonight from 8pm.

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