Saturday Night Takeaway SPOILERS! Here’s what to expect from tonight’s final

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Saturday Night Takeaway is almost over for another year. But to celebrate the finale, Ant and Dec will be coming LIVE from The Walt Disney Resort in Florida!

New pictures have emerged of the set, which has been constructed and placed in Disney’s ‘Main Street USA’ which has a spectacular view of the famous Sleeping Beauty Castle.

The guest announcer for tonight’s finale is Christina Ricci while Cee Lo Green will also perform at the End of The Show Show.

Meanwhile, the identity of who stole The Missing Crown Jewels will finally be revealed, when Maskface is unveiled.

Ant and Dec will step back in time in a bid to defeat the enemy in this week’s final instalment of The Missing Crown Jewels.

After Maskface is revealed, Ant and Dec find themselves surrounded by his (or her) henchmen. And it seems to only way to overpower them is by springing some killer moves, courtesy of their 90s pop aliases PJ and Duncan.

Before you can say Byker Grove, the boys go all retro and revive some all too familiar dance moves, as they Get Ready To Rumble the opposition.

Make sure you’ve got yourself firmly placed on the sofa tonight from 7pm for the final Saturday Night Takeaway of the series on ITV!

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