EastEnders tragedy as Sylvie Carter is killed after being electrocuted

Tonight’s EastEnders left Tina Carter devastated when she discovered her mum Sylvie dead in the bath after being electrocuted.

Although attention was first on Michelle Fowler crashing Phil’s jeep into the Chippy and injuring herself, Kathy and Kush, attention soon turned to the Carter’s.

After Tina put Sylvie to bed following her party before she is taken into full time care, Sylvie woke up disorientated and found her way into the bathroom.

She ran a bath and brought the CD player in too, placing it on the side of the bath, but tragedy struck when the CD player stopped and Sylvie went to fix it.

It was Tina who found lifeless Sylvie in the bath, after the power had gone out, leaving her distressed. With Tina left broken by the loss of her mum, she will soon be forced to break the news to Shirley in prison – and she will need her sister more than ever.

EastEnders continues tomorrow night on BBC One.

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