Who dies following last nights EastEnders car crash?

Last nights episode of EastEnders was far from dull as Michelle Fowler’s sick secret was exposed by her niece Bex to the whole pub.

As viewers know, Michelle Fowler has been having an affair with schoolboy Preston. Dennis, who found out Michelle’s secret weeks ago, finally told Louise after Michelle hit him.

Monday’s nights episode concluded when Louise dropped the seed in Bex’s head that her auntie was indeed sleeping with her new boyfriend.

Bex rubbished Louise’s claims at first but then confronted Michelle in a pub full of people, asking “are you sleeping with my boyfriend?”.

Last nights episode picked up from that scene when Michelle stormed out of the pub with Preston, followed by her brother Martin and Ian Beale.

When Michelle declared her love for Preston, Martin flipped out and punched him to the ground, before disowning Michelle as his sister.

The drama didn’t stop there, however, as Michelle who had been drinking and taking sleeping pills got behind the wheel of a car in a bid to stop Preston from also abandoning her.

While under the influence of alcohol, Michelle lost control of the car and ploughed straight into Beale’s Plaice where Kathy was serving Kush Kazemi.

As the interior of the building collapsed and sparks flying from nearby electric cables, thoughts soon turned to Kathy, Kush, Preston and also Michelle over their safety.

EastEnders continues on Thursday with the aftermath of last nights horror crash – watch a teaser clip below.

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