WATCH the first trailer for Britain’s Got Talent!

As we approach April it’s almost time for the build up to Britain’s Got Talent and ITV have reminded us of just that with a teaser trailer for the new series.

The trailer, which debuted over the weekend on ITV, sees Ant and Dec taking center stage, pushing past a whole host of ballet dancers, jugglers and assorted other variety acts in their bid to reach the stage.

But when the Geordie duo finally reach the big stage, they’re left red faced when they discover that they aren’t wearing any trousers, flashing their legs off to the judges and audience.

While Simon Cowell looks quite shocked by the boys’ Union Jack underwear, David Walliams gets a bit too excited and presses the Golden Buzzer for the embarrassed duo.

ITV have also confirmed that the talent competition will return in April, rubbishing previous reports that the show would be pushed back to May.

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