Hollyoaks spoilers: Is the game up for stalker DS Armstrong?

Leela Lomax’s traumatic experience at the hands of sinister stalker DS Armstrong could be about to reach a dramatic climax in Hollyoaks as Ryan Knight seems set to discover what his colleague is up to…

With Hollyoaks finally revealing Armstrong as Leela’s stalker recently, she has no idea and continues to be tormented by him.

Armstrong continues his torment by driving a wedge between Zak and Leela as just before they share a kiss, he interrupts their passionate exchange as he’s been watching them via his secret camera.

Leela is left terrified when Armstrong steps up his campaign against her by breaking into her house and writing ‘slut’ on the wall.

Feeling deeply unsafe, she goes to the police station and reports her fears to a supportive Ryan.

However, when Armstrong says something casually to Ryan, alarm bells start to go off when Ryan comes to a shocking realisation. Is the game finally up for DS Armstrong?

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on Channel 4 with a first look episode airing from 7pm on E4.

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