Coronation Street: Is Ken Barlow about to fall into Pat Phelan’s trap?

Next week on the cobbles, we could be about to see poor Ken Barlow fall into evil Pat Phelan’s trap after a bitter row. 

As we know, Phelan has been up to his devious scheming that has involved two murders and he could be about to target his next victim which happens to be Ken Barlow.

Phelan is already on edge and has it in for Todd, who continues to rub salt into the wounds by taunting him and matters turn worse when Ken also crosses him, which could potentially put him in danger.

But with Todd continuing to torment Phelan, he loses it and pushes Todd up against a wall and threatens him. But Phelan’s patience starts to wear thin, when Ken later approaches him and tells him how unhappy he is with how long he is taking to finish the kitchen and that not many people would offer him work because he isn’t liked by many people.

But Ken’s comments infuriate Phelan, which could lead Ken into the path of his evil ways. Is Phelan going to strike again and add another murder victim to his list?

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