ITV News returns to 10pm slot following Westminster terror attack

The Nightly Show presented by Dermot O’Leary has been dropped from the ITV schedules this evening following the terrorist attack today in London.

The attack, which seen a car drive into pedestrians crossing the Westminster Bridge this afternoon, before crashing into the railings at Parliament Square, has claimed the lives of four people.

A police officer, who was stabbed while trying to stop the attacker, sadly passed away earlier this evening. The attacker was also killed following being shot by armed police. Two more people also lost their lives today, both victims, with one being confirmed as female.

Those who survived the attack are said to have “catastrophic” injuries. One woman, who entered the Thames was pulled from the river alive but is said to be in a critical condition. It’s not yet clear whether she jumped off the bridge to escape the incoming car or whether she was pushed.

ITV have returned their News At Ten programme tonight as they extend their news bulletin, which means The Nightly Show has been axed from the schedule.

Our thoughts lie with everyone involved in these horrific events today and their families.

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