Emmerdale’s John Middleton has filmed his final scenes as Ashley

With Ashley’s vascular dementia now leaving him more vacant, viewers of Emmerdale have been watching the former vicar’s condition diminish rapidly.

With the scenes becoming more and more distressing, fans of the soap are preparing for the heartbreaking reality of Ashley saying goodbye.

With this in mind, it has been confirmed by actor John Middleton that he has filmed his final scenes as Ashley – after portraying him for twenty years.

In a recent interview, John said: “That’s it, I’m done. I was feeling like someone had hit me over the head and said, ‘That’s it’. It was odd but also intensely moving.”

“The filming of the last scenes was somewhat emotional, within the whole studio, you could have heard a pin drop.”

Although it is not yet known when Ashley’s final scenes will air, one thing’s for sure – they’re going to be heart-wrenching.

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