To Be (Happy), or Not To Be (Happy)? That Is The Question!

(Motivational Article – Happiness)

Trawling through the internet, I continuously see articles claiming to know the correct steps in order to claim happiness, or be happy within yourself. From every aspect of your wardrobe, to the latest technological gadgets – each new invention attached with a promise to improve your personal well-being, whilst also causing you to spend far more than you wanted to on the said item in the first place!

Hence, I thought I would share my personal two tip top tips on this subject, in a rather colloquial, informal, and what I hope to be humorous, article post.

2 Tip Top Tips to your happiness

  • Smile

Yes. I am aware that as soon as you saw the first tip, you either rolled your eyes, looked complacent, or sighed heavily. However, I assure you, this really does work! In my opinion, we all spend far too much time worrying about ‘what if’s’, or what the future could hold. We remind ourselves of our past every single day, reminisce over the good old days, remember how we were at school, college, university.

Every single day, we forget to appreciate the little things in life: how beautiful the sun rise looks in the morning, how it isn’t raining, how grateful we are to be alive, right here, in this moment. I strongly believe that if an individual can wake up smiling, with a positive attitude, then they will be in a much happier mind-set overall. Every single human being on this planet has their own unique story, some parts great, some otherwise. If you try to smile every single day, I assure you, the whole world will smile back.

  • Follow your dream

Some individuals may have a dream of becoming a doctor. Others may have a dream of becoming a van driver. When I wake up in a morning, the news and social media is constantly trying to encourage young individuals that they can be whatever they wish to be. The world is theirs for the taking. However, figures show that the number of young people currently fighting for a job has tripled within the last three years. Young people have lost hope, they lack initiative to follow their ambition. Personally, I am beyond lucky with regards to this matter. I adore my apprenticeship, and am gaining life changing and valuable experience because of this – though I had to work my socks off in order to achieve my GCSE’s, and subsequently my A levels.

To everyone that is struggling right now, you can do this! You can achieve your ambition. You can be anything you wish to be, if you just believe in yourself.

Subsequently, this brings me to the end of my article. I do not think this article has any particular structure, it is more of a monologue of my thoughts typed into a computer. However, I want you to know that you are not alone. These are just my two top tips, in order to be happier within yourself – yours can be whatever you want them to be.

To be (happy), or not to be (happy)? That is the question.

Which will you choose?

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