The Bite Views: The Voice UK Battles 2017

Hello everyone, in case you were wondering where I’ve been there’s no need to worry I’ve just been extremely sick which doesn’t matter anymore as I’m officially back!

So, this week The Voice UK battle rounds officially started at last and I don’t know about you but I was more excited to see what the coaches were wearing than to see the acts they’ve been wearing the same thing for about 10 years.

Jokes aside I’ve honestly thoroughly enjoyed this weekend of battles it’s been absolutely brilliant there is honestly so much talent this series it’s a joke. What I loved about the battles this year in particular was that both the pairings and the songs selected were absolutely perfect which was so good to see as every contestant got the opportunity to showcase their talent and all of their out of this world vocal skills. With The Voice UK, someone amazing is always going to go home which is devastating for the artists but also sad for the viewers at home as we’ve all kind of been on this journey with them and somehow feel ever so slightly attached to the journeys of all the artists.

Something that was also amazing about the battles this year is that it was our first proper glimpse of the wonderful Emma Willis who ITV seemed to have kept away from us for a lot of the blind auditions. Emma is such a brilliant host and really loves working on the show and supporting the artists which was clearly shown throughout battle weekend.

Enough with the filler now it’s time to get down to business. There were too many amazing battles to pick from but one of my absolute favourites was Shakira Vs Clara because it was just complete music perfection from Shakira’s street vibe and Clara’s crisp notes everything just tied together perfectly not to mention that fact that they sang one of my favourite songs ‘Bad Blood’. It was most definitely a hard decision for Will to pick who won the battle but ultimately, I agree with his choice as Clara was insane and will be a force to be reckoned with in this competition if Will keeps giving her killer songs. Another favourite of mine was Mo Vs Diamond as it really was a beautifully sung crash of the powerhouses. I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult this decision was for Jennifer as it really is like picking a favourite child if you’re a parent. I’m glad that Mo got through and that Diamond got stolen as the competition wouldn’t feel the same without them both.

I Cannot wait for the Live Knockouts on Saturday and Sunday night to find out which artists from Team JHud and Team Tom make the live shows.

See you again this time next week,


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