The Evolution Of Video and TV – The history of technology!

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Nowadays it’s hard to think where we’d be without TV. With many people eager to have the latest gadgets and catch-up on their favourite programmes online, a life without technology would surely be unthinkable.

I was recently sent a video by Roku Activation Code, regarding The Evolution Of Video and TV and I thought it’d be a really interesting subject to cover!

Technology has come a long way since Thomas Edison built the first motion-picture camera in 1889.

By 1925 the first moving television pictures were shown and the colour television was invented twenty-five years later.

Since then, we’ve seen the creation of Video Cassette Recording, games consoles, online movie rentals, Digital Video Recording, 3D TV’s and much, much more!

Now, in 2017, one of the latest must-haves is a Virtual Reality Headset, an amazing piece of advanced equipment that’s sure to create a new trend.

Video and TV has certainly advanced hugely over the years and I’m sure it’ll go on to advance even more – who knows what could be invented twenty years from now!

You can find out more about the history of Video and TV by watching this video:

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