Stop the body image stigma!

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With London Fashion Week now drawing to a close, we thought it would be a good time to delve deeper into the world of fashion and find out more about the modelling industry.

A recent study carried out by Make Your Switch, revealed that on average one in four models are a size zero (UK size 4) – or less.

Five top modelling agencies were researched as part of the study and at least 20% of their models were found to be of this size.

Speaking of the study’s findings, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Make Your Switch, Emma Kenny said: “It’s about time we put an end to the media smoke and mirrors that portrays super skinny models as an ideal. With the fashion industry continually championing models who are extremely thin, beyond levels which are healthy and sustainable, through mass media, a dangerous cycle is created which can often lead women into choosing quick fixes to achieve their ‘perfect body’ to wear some of these looks.”

“This is often only the beginning, as over the long-term, exposure to images and videos of thin women starring in a global fashion event can have a harmful effect on our health, nutrition, self-esteem and ultimately happiness.”

With the stigma surrounding body image growing constantly, surely it’s time to learn to accept yourself as you are – because after all, everyone is different in their own way!

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