Ben Hardy is returning to the BBC, but not for EastEnders…

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Former EastEnders star Ben Hardy is returning to British television, but he’s got no plans to return to Walford at the moment.

Ben, 26, left EastEnders back in 2015 to try his luck across the pond in Hollywood. He revealed some time ago that his next goal would be to work in a British TV drama.

And that’s exactly what he’s moving onto as the actor has landed a role in an adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ psychological thriller ‘The Woman in White’.

Speaking about his new role, Ben said: “I have always admired and been a fan of the BBC’s period dramas and I’m so thrilled to be playing the leading role of Walter in this classic story.”

What is The Woman In White?

After Walter Hartright encounters a ghostly woman dressed in all white on a moonlit road, he soon finds himself drawn into a mysterious and disturbing world.

Romance, suspense, and danger combine as secrets come to the fore in Wilkie Collins’ haunting tale of insanity and identity.

Viewed by many as the first psychological thriller novel, The Woman in White will take viewers on a chilling ride down the shadowy paths and corridors of English country houses and ultimately into the depths of the Victorian madhouse.

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