The Bite Views: The Voice UK Blind Auditions – episode three

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As another Saturday night has gone past that only means one thing and that’s that another episode of The Voice has aired. After last week’s episode of the show left me a little disappointed that definitely wasn’t the case for last night’s show as it was fantastic.

April Sullivan – No Turns

April took me completely by surprise and made me die of laughter. Her audition was so unexpected and so theatrical that I didn’t quite know what to say or think as she just left me utterly speechless. I can completely understand why the coaches decided not to turn as there’s nothing that can really be done with her as she’s much limited to only performing theatrically and so she’s kind of a one trick pony, unfortunately. However, regardless of that she was clearly born to perform and should definitely carry on doing what she’s doing because she’s a star.

Millicent Weaver – Team Gavin

Millicent is one of my absolute favorites of the whole series so far. As soon as she began to sing I was completely transported to a different world and I loved every second of it. Personally, I’m very eclectic and so love a whole range of different music styles which I feel very fortunate about as I’m able to appreciate different styles of music but there’s just something about indie music that just completely flaws me. Millicent is everything that you want in an artist she’s cool, alternative and truly unique.

David Jackson – Team JHud

David is simply just very talented and an absolute pleasure to listen to. He’s also not your stereotypical male singer he’s gentle, soulful and extremely calming which I suppose is part of his appeal. He was definitely one of the standouts from last night’s show however, I worry he could be swallowed up by the other singers later on in the competition but obviously, only time will show whether or not he has what it takes to survive in the competition.

Craig Ward – Team Tom

Craig was just really nice to listen to and the song he chose to perform was just really fitting for his voice. At the beginning of the performance, I wasn’t sure whether or not I liked it, however, as the performance progressed it just got better and better and better.

Kevin Prone – No Turns

There’s no denying that Kevin is an amazing singer the only problem is that I don’t like that particular style of music and so wasn’t able to connect with it. I feel bad that he didn’t get through but I don’t see what any of the coaches could have done with that particular voice.

Geno Eccles – No Turns  

I loved Geno as soon as I saw his VT and I think he’s an extremely respectable man and I admire the sacrifices he made for his family. He’s voice was great I mean he could honestly really sing I just think it’s the sad fact that his voice probably won’t sell records that stopped the judges from turning around.

Hayley Eccles – Team Will

Hayley was just amazing she had that instant spark and it was amazing the see. She’s a natural on stage and was just in her element quite frankly I’m shocked Will was the only person who turned around. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the show in the later stages of the competition with the right song she could be even more incredible than she is already.

Jazmine Sawyers – Team Will

Jasmine is clearly a woman of many talents! Her performance was a real treat and thoroughly enjoyable she was really brilliant. I think the song choice was absolutely superb and really helped in showcasing her vocal talent which is clearly off the chart. I’m so excited to see her progress throughout the series and see what else she has hidden in her bag.

Sarah Morgan – Team Gavin

Sarah was definitely a difficult audition to watch because she had such a sad story behind her performance. She is absolutely phenomenal and will be even better with stronger song choices I have a lot of hope that she could be the star that The Voice has been so desperately looking for over the last 5 years.

That’s it for this week’s column I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you back here again this time next week.

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